Patients Compliments

We welcome comments from our patients on the service they have experienced.

If you would like to give us any feedback, please email or post your comments into the Comments Box in the ground floor waiting room.

Here are some comments already received:


I saw this patient for face to face appointment. She was full of praises for everyone at PMP.

From her experience, she has seen Diana speaking to angry patient and was amazed how well she dealt with situation.

very grateful for Amy.

Eleanor and myself for being thorough.


Mr xxxx  was in the surgery morning with his wife. They have brought some chocolates in for everyone to say thank you. Mrs xxx wanted to especially say a big thank you to Helen for all her help.


Dear Dr Kumar

I would just like to say that I am incredibly grateful for all of your support in the last few years of my life with the diabetic support and all that has happened to me with bladder cancer, depression and Covid isolation. You and all of your wonderful colleagues have boldly gone on in the midst of an exceedingly challenging time in the world. I think your mental stability is especially important with all the pressures you have been under.

I have myself in my job as a scrub nurse in Orthopaedics at Addenbrookes seen first-hand and indeed the tough challenges we have had to face on a daily basis. It’s not been easy by any means. However, I hope and pray you and your colleagues are bearing up both mentally and physically to the daily challenges.

Thank you once again for all of your care and all the best for the future.


Rxxxx  has left us some lovely biscuits to say thank you to everyone at the surgery and especially those who helped her last week, she said everyone was so kind.


 Mrs D'xxx wanted to extend her heart felt thanks for the recent fast assessment and referral to the gastro team, and to all the admin staff she has spoken to when needing an apt, with queries re meds etc - she is hugely grateful.

The 24 hours were-13 July 2021

The 24 hours were

Phone call to surgery, Sarah so helpful.

Phone consultation with Dr. Gordon who booked a face to face that afternoon.

Face to face with Dr Gordon. Very thorough. Said blood test to be taken

Appointment for test 1 hour later.

Results texted though next morning!

Thank you so much. Everyone was so lovely.

I love the new reception area with a jolly receptionist to match.

Petersfield Medical Practice team- MAY 2021

I just wanted to send a big thank you to all of you!! I have been bombarding you with special requests recently as we are leaving the country and I am so impressed by how friendly and efficiently I have been treated! I am amazed by the work you are doing and have always felt in good hands. Thank you all, reception staff, nurses and doctors. You are worth gold.

Keep up the brilliant work you are doing. :)

" Praise" -May 21

Firstly, when I rang reception to book an appointment, the receptionist was most helpful: despite not being able to offer me an appointment that day she was incredibly attentive, understanding, and advised me of what to do if I needed urgent treatment. Sometimes such interactions from people can feel like you are being palmed off...but the receptionist genuinely cared and was very helpful and this makes a difference.

Secondly, I managed to get an appointment the following day (something I was very impressed with) and was rung back soon after I booked my appointment by Dr Joglekar, who listened to me and provided excellent triaging over the phone, and arranged the soonest convenient physical examination. When I came to the practice I was very impressed with the slick system in place (despite renovations and COVID) which meant I was taken upstairs and assessed by Dr Joglekar. Dr Joglekar’s friendly and professional demeanour put me at ease and inspired confidence. She gave me a thorough examination and due to my unusual presentation asked her colleague Dr Malik for a second opinion. Dr Malik, I imagine despite being very busy herself, appeared quickly, and she was incredibly thorough. Between her and Dr Joglekar, all my questions were answered and they both provided considerable reassurance. Dr Joglekar then offered to provide me with printed resources or a link, which I chose, and she sent by text soon afterwards confirming she had booked me in for an ultrasound scan. I left the appointment (despite still being in pain) extremely reassured and knowing what the next steps were.

I could not have asked for better service. From the kind receptionist I spoke to, through to both doctors, the professionalism and supportive demeanour really shone. As a former public-sector, front-line service provider, I know that service like this does not just ‘happen’: those who are delivering it are very special people. I realise that all the people I have mentioned may just consider the first-class service they gave me is just part of their normal day’s work, so I wanted to say that I really appreciate what they do and that I could not have asked for anything better. I really appreciated everything they did for me, and I feel incredibly fortunate to be a member of your practice.

"Hello"- February 21

I want to say a huge thank you for my treatment today. Everyone was so helpful and understanding. You managed to fit in a telephone appointment with Dr Patel. She and Diana then proceeded to go above and beyond in helping to photograph my rash. I cannot believe how lucky Mike and I are with our surgery.

"Dear Medical Practice"- Jan 21

I shouldn't add to your inbox with unnecessary mail at this time but would just like to thankyou for offering me a jab at the session in Cornford House last Saturday.  Am full of admiration for the way it was

carried out.   Really impressed with it.

"Extreme generosity of Spirit" - August 17

Please thank all the surgery staff for their extreme generosity of spirit and for all the help they all gave me during the severe and extreme diabetic excursion I experienced last week.  You are all lovely people and contribute in a very major way to the benefit of your patients"

"Thank you so much" - June 17

Thank you so much for seeing me today as an emergency.  I was at my wit's end, but your professionalism, both of the lovely receptionists and Dr Patel, helped immensely.  I know you don't always get positive feedback but know that you are doing such a fantastic job and are a lifeline to many.  My love and thanks to all at Petersfield.

"Very professional and friendly" - May 17

"Excellent practice" - April 17

Unfortunately moving out of the area so won't be able to attend this practice any more. Such a shame, the doctors and nurses at this surgery are so helpful and friendly. I'm not a big fan of having a blood test and the nurse there was incredible, made me feel at ease. My doctor was also very thorough and easy to talk to. I wish I could bring the practice with me!

"Great as Always" - Jan 17

Nurses and doctors, great as always.  A wonderful Practice, THANK YOU.

"Thank you" - Jan 17

Thank you Dr Gordon, you are brilliant and very kind.

"Warm and Welcoming Reception" - Dec 16

Thank you for always having a smile on your face, for always having a kind word to say when I come in.

"Kind and Supportive" - Dec 16

Thank you for being so kind, supportive and helpful.  Doctor's receptionists sometimes have bad reputations.  You go out of your way to say yes and to help.  What you do is not easy but you do it with love and care.

"A great asset to the Practice" Nov 16

Extremely professional and caring, Dr Patel takes time (in the limited amount she is able in current NHS pressures) to understand concerns and explains everything well, she is competent and a great asset to the practice.